Admitted, for our consultation –besides theoretical-intellectual basic knowledge- we use techniques which are based on nature laws; such as the reciprocal effects of frequencies, colors and materials on the human organism.

Feng Shui know-how helps to harmoniously co-ordinate the environment with the basic needs of humans in order to be able to fully unfold the existing potentials.


Besides the know-how and the abilities, which distinguish our employees, we integrate Indian “Vastu Shastra” techniques.

The desire to lead a life in harmony and health may be compared with the “biological knowledge” of a caterpillar:

somehow it “knows” that the meaning of life does not only consist in creeping on leaves and branches. After its metamorphosis the caterpillar finally succeeds accomplishing an amazing transformation.

The “consequences” of a serious consultation finally culminate being able to lead a more fulfilled and healthier life; be it in private or business life.